Donna Bianco is married to a talented general contractor and mother to an amazing son who is in webdesign.  Her underground house designed by her husband has been on television's HGTV.   She has a masters degree in Special Education and 30 years experience in teaching both in NY and NC.  She also started her own private school in 2006 along with a pizzeria which quickly grew into a thriving business.

In 2012 Bella Donna purchased the property at the old Pizza Hut location in downtown Pittsboro.  With this, Donna was able to create "Bella Donna Italian Restaurant". She loves cooking REAL food for her customers and is very careful about every item on the menu being clean and from a reliable source.   She purchases a cow every 6 months from a local farmer as well as other local fare and has gardens in downtown Pittsboro, at her home and connects with local farmers.

She loves cooking for people, mangia, mangia, (eat,eat) is in her DNA.