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Our Approach

We would like to feed your family the same as we would feed our own. We know you are so busy with extracurricular activities or you are getting a bit older and don't have the energy to cook for one or two. Or maybe you have an elderly parent who needs a little help.
We know it's difficult to find the time to prepare healthy, hearty meals for your family.
We would like to take that burden from you.

We will provide food that is grown with integrity using local beef, eggs from our chickens, fresh vegetables some of which come from our own gardens, local farmers and NC products and a promise that most of our products come from our backyard or somewhere in the US except for a few imported Italian products.  Food you can trust, people you can trust.  Let us feed your family.

Our Story

Order all the food you will need for next week by 9 a.m. Friday mornings - go ahead, set your alarm on your phone to be sure you don't forget.

Pick from our extensive quarterly menu.  Choose as few or as many servings of as many items that you wish for your family for the following week. Each price is for an individual serving but order as many as you need.  Everyone wants mac and cheese? Then order 4 or 6 servings! Larger portions will be in one container.  Don't forget to order some sides of delicious fresh vegetables to go with your meal or our famous Bella Donna rolls with rosemary.    We have everyone covered.  The Gluten Free Menu is all by itself, no need to dig out the gluten free options from an extensive menu.  Same with the Vegetarian Menu; you have your own tab with wonderful options.  If you are low-salt, just let us know on the comments page and we will do our best to adjust your meal to suit your needs.

Yes, we are asking you to plan a bit in advance but health wise and time wise, it will be worth it to sit down with your family to a home cooked meal with very little preparation on your part.  Get the family together, bring them to the menu page, everyone gets to choose.  If you are elderly or have a difficult time in the kitchen these days, don't worry, pick what you like and all you have to do it warm it up.

There will be multiple suggestions as to the best practice for heating up a particular item: oven, stove top, or microwave.  You will have choices of SOUP,  SALAD, ENTREES, DESSERTS and even a BREAKFAST FOR DINNER casserole.

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Elevate yourself

You can get started with Gourmet choices for your meals without breaking the bank.

Don't you deserve a better meal?